Parlor Rooms


Set apart from the main Auditorium/Ballroom, the Shrine Auditorium Parlor is a long room that can be partitioned into three spaces. Without partitions, the total space is 3,230 square feet and ideal for meetings or small luncheons/dinners (up to 160 people seated). With the partitions, the Parlor provides a great space for breakout sessions or other instructional purposes. The center section has a built-in stage.

Up to 3,230 sq. ft., 200 (seated), 250 (standing),
180 (tables & chairs)


  • Parlor available separately or as part of a Conference Package
  • For private events, tables and chairs are provided to accommodate up to 160 people – additional tables and chairs are available
  • Built-in basic sound system
  • Raised stage in center
  • Free parking for hosts and guests
  • Small kitchenette bars in two areas 


Monday - Thursday


Day Rate (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.): $800


Evening Rate (5 p.m. - Midnight): $1,000


Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $1,300


Friday - Sunday


Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $2,100


Prices and terms subject to change. Images are of previous events that are not part of the standard rentals. The proceeds from the rental of the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium benefit Alzafar Shriners fraternal operations. Your payments are not charitable contributions.






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