Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to gather under a shady shelter and cook up some barbecue. San Antonio Shrine Auditorium offers an excellent Pavilion with ample parking space and lush, green surroundings. We can pull out an apron that extends the Pavilion to 15,309 square feet, offering plenty of cover. You will bring your own portable barbecue pit or we can help you arrange a rental or find a good caterer to come out and cook for your gang.

11,774 sq. ft. w/o apron, 15,309 sq. ft. w/apron,
600 people (seated)


  • Free parking for hosts and guests
  • Free basic calendar listing on day(s) of event (one liner)
  • Restrooms in the Pavilion building
  • Picnic tables


Monday - Thursday

Day Rate (8 a.m. - 3 p.m.): $400

Evening Rate (5 p.m. - Midnight): $600

Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $800


Friday - Sunday

Full Rate (8 a.m. - Midnight): $1,000


Prices and terms subject to change. The proceeds from the rental of the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium benefit Alzafar Shriners fraternal operations. Your payments are not charitable contributions.



Pavillion-Flags Pavillion


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